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HP MediaSmart Server EX485 CPU Upgrade

Last week I went through the fun of upgrading the processor in my HP MediaSmart Server EX485. Now that a bit of time has passed and I’m confident that everything is stable, I figured I’d share the results.

The MediaSmart Server EX48X series came with an Intel Celeron 440, single-core 2 GHz processor. Although the Celeron was a huge improvement over the EX47X series, it could be a bit better, especially when it comes to streaming and transcoding media. I was honestly a little hesitant about doing the upgrade. After all, the MediaSmart Servers aren’t designed to have interchangeable parts and have components designed and tested for what they ship with:

  • The server doesn’t have video output, which means any BIOS updates or changes have to be made blind.
  • The CPU heatsink is passive, and the power supply is smaller. It simply can’t take a juice-hungry, water cooled processor.

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Unable to Set Up Remote Access on HP MediaSmart Server After Fresh Install

When trying to turn on Remote Access on my Windows Home Server (HP MediaSmart Ex485, MediaSmart Server 3.0, Power Pack 3), I was not able to continue through the wizard as this first check fails:

“Verifying that your remote Web site is available locally”

Everything else on the server works fine, including being able to:

I did notice though that I was unable to browse to http://servername:56000 as I should be able to do.

I had performed a server recovery to reset the installation to factory defaults, with no such luck.

After reading many posts by others having the same issue and almost going bald from all my hair pulling, the cause seems to be fairly simple (and stupid). I believe that the problem developed from a certificate issue. I had originally used the Windows Live Custom Domains service to get a * domain for my home server. Somehow, adding that to my fresh install created the issue.

So what I did was set up a temporary domain with the HP Personal Domian Name by service and now everything is working just fine. I later was able to go back and change the temporary domain back to the WLCD service.

Simple (stupid).