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Just Released: Gmailer CLI

Out of my home, I’m running a file server (specifically a HP MediaSmart EX485 / Windows Home Server) that runs a weekly, automated backup of all my data to another server off-site via SFTP (WinSCP). What I didn’t have though was an easy way to have an email sent to me containing a simple “success” or “failed” message along with logs of the operation.

Aside from being able to send the email message, there were a couple other requirements that I had:

  • It had to be simple and lightweight. I’ve always been a follower of the KISS (keep it simple, stupid) mentality, and there really is no reason to over complicate anything like this. I want it to be easy for myself to use, but as well for anyone else who might need.
  • It has to be able to send email using Gmail’s SMTP servers. I don’t have my own SMTP server, and the ones provided by my ISP are severely crippled. Gmail

Well, low and behold, now introducing Gmailer CLI. Feel free to use it, as well as to make any comments or suggestions (it’s only 1.0 after all). I plan on make improvements and adding features over time, so stay posted.

Gmailer CLI