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Implementing a Proper Backup Plan

Who has heard this scenario before from a friend, family member, or co-worker?

Them: “Hey, so my computer was making this weird ticking noise and then this morning it said it couldn’t find the hard drive.”

You: “Uh-oh. It sounds like your hard drive is toast.”

Them: “Can you fix it?”

You: “Sure. I’ll pick up a hard drive after work. We’ll have to reisntall everything though. No big deal though, because you have a backup, right?”

Them, after a brief pause: “Um, no. I’ve been meaning to do that.”

Suddenly a not so painful task has turned into a matter of life and death. It’s imperative that you get that iTunes collection and picture of Aunt Agatha from the last family reunion back. Too bad there wasn’t a backup. Read moreRead more