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Alpine KCE-400BT Shows “No Unit”

Recently, for reasons that aren’t much fun to talk about, I had my car stereo replaced. I bought and installed the Alpine CDE-123 head unit, and because sometime in the future my car will be going to my fiancée who lately does more driving than I do, I also purchased the KCE-400BT Bluetooth add-on kit. (Last year, here in British Columbia, a law was passed that prohibits the use of cell phones while driving.)

It all installed great with no issues at all. It was very easy to pair my BlackBerry Bold 9780 up with it, and worked like a charm. Making calls, receiving calls, and even streaming music from my phone via Bluetooth. Then I did something foolish: I turned the car off. Silly me. When I later was back in my car the next day, I watched my phone as I turned the ignition and seconds later my phone showed that it successfully made a connection to the KCE-400BT. All seems normal. I attempt to make a phone call from the head unit itself and it shows me a message that says “No Unit.” Weird. That didn’t happen yesterday. After much testing and fussing, I consistently get the following results: Read moreRead more


New Sandy Bridge Workstation

A couple of weeks ago I finally purchased all of the components I needed to upgrade my main computer. My old one from a couple of years ago (AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ processor, 4 GB of RAM, 7200 RPM HDD) wasn’t bad for some simple programming or other “basic” tasks, but it was lagging behind when trying to run multiple virtual machines plus perform any of those “basic” tasks. After holding out for a while, waiting for the Sandy Bridge i7 processors to launch, I finially made the necessary purchases: Read moreRead more


Triple 24″ Monitors

One thing (or maybe more correctly, three things”) that I’ve really been looking at for awhile now has been getting a triple monitor setup at home. It’s slowly becoming common knowledge that having a dual screen setup can increase productivity, so my thinking is two screens good, three screens better. The price for panels now are getting much cheaper too across the board and are pretty affordable until you start looking at the 30″ models (How long until I look back on this as say, “Wow. Thirty inch monitors used to cost $500!?”). Read moreRead more