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Blackberry Hidden Commands

Some hidden, yet very useful commands for your BlackBerry (I can only confirm that they work at the Curve 8330, although I’m sure they work on other models too):

  • ALT+L-G-L-G will show the event log.
  • ALT+CAP+DEL will perform a reset, the same as popping the battery.
  • ALT+CAP+H will bring up the help screen which is full of all sorts of bits of information (versions, PIN, ESN, uptime, signal, free space, etc.).
  • On the home screen, ALT+N-M-L-L will change your signal meter into a dBm number (difficult to see if you have a darker colored wallpaper image).
  • When viewing an email message, ALT+V-I-E-W will show you the RefId, FolderId, and ServiceUserId. Useful for tracking or something, I’m sure.
  • While in Enterprise Activation on the email line, ALT+C-N-F-G will show a configuration screen with additional options.