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June 20, 2010


Get Application GUID at Runtime

The following “snippit” (a bit long, but meh) will retrieve your application’s GUID (which can normally be found in the AssemblyInfo file). Great for referencing your application in the event that the name might change or any other time you need to uniquely identify it.

Dim guid As String = New Guid(CType(Me.GetType.Assembly._
GetCustomAttributes(GetType(Runtime.InteropServices. _
GuidAttribute),False)(0), Runtime.InteropServices. _
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  1. Nando
    Jan 26 2013

    I think this might work better in most cases:

    Public myguid As String = New Guid(CType(My.Application.GetType.Assembly.GetCustomAttributes(GetType(Runtime.InteropServices. _
    GuidAttribute), False)(0), Runtime.InteropServices.GuidAttribute).Value).ToString

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