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June 1, 2010

Disable Windows Server 2008 MSTSC Beeping

I recently was setting up a Windows Server 2008 box for a user. Once the box was up and running, I decided to do all of the configuration from the client’s office via MSTSC (standing in a cold server room twiddling my thumbs versus sitting in comfort at a desk). This was all great, except that for all of the dialog boxes popping up in the session came through as that annoying BEEP as a sound card isn’t installed on the server.

Nothing is more annoying (and makes you sound more incompetent) than that beep. Low and behold, a simple way to turn it off: On your local machine (it’s playing the beep, after all), run net stop beep from the command prompt. (To permanently disable it, run sc config beep start=disabled).

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